What Our Clients Have to Say

Businesses across industries turn to IEO for efficient lighting.

From nursing homes to industrial warehouses, IEO offers interior and exterior commercial lighting through a streamlined, cost-saving process.

End-to-End Lighting Services

IEO is designed to save businesses money through superior lighting and, just as important, a seamless, installation-by-the-manufacturer process. Not only can our cutting-edge OptieoLED technology cut lighting bills by more than 70%, our solution also:

  • Cuts HVAC energy bills
  • Comes with a 5-year materials warranty
  • Pays back in an average of 12-24 months
  • Is installed 100% in-house by IEO-trained technicians

We’re able to provide such extensive savings because IEO cuts out all of the normal middlemen. Instead of a complex supply chain, we manufacture all of the lamps and fixtures we install, eliminating upcharges and creating an efficient process overall. Added benefit: because our extensively-trained team leads oversee each and every project, we’re able to mitigate potential mistakes that might plague other installers.

Who Benefits Most From OptieoLED?

Every commercial industry can benefit from a technology like OptieoLED and a lighting project process like the one only IEO can provide. We’ve completed projects ranging from Coca Cola manufacturing facilities to senior living facilities. Whether the goal is energy savings for an industrial manufacturer, improved productivity for office workers, or reliable lighting inside a nursing home, IEO makes the process easy.

“The lights look amazing! Service above and beyond! That is why we enjoy working with IEO and enjoy referring others to them.”
– Mark A. Lowell, Executive Director, St. George Village

Our expertise with our own technology combines with experience serving so many industries to allow our designers, team leads, and technicians to identify a facility’s unique requirements. To learn more about our process and get started with your lighting project, fill out the form below to connect with us!

What Our Clients Have to Say

Ty Gasaway, DHL Operations Manager

“I work in a 1.6 million sq ft building that runs 24/7 and was very pleased with the work of IEO in changing out 100% of the building’s lights. There was little to no disruption to my business operation. IEO was a great company to work with and was able to meet the deadlines established. I would recommend their work to anyone in need of LED lighting.”

Nic Mulliez, Co-Founder, EPI Breads

“IEO has outstanding customer service and adapted the LED lighting solutions to our needs. Installation was done quickly, without getting in the way of our production. We would greatly recommend IEO to any company needing an LED upgrade.”

Can Your Employees See?

Lighting has a huge impact on productivity, and IEO can help.

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