Setting a New Bar in Lighting

Choosing IEO means choosing the most advanced and efficient commercial LED lighting system available today.

There are many LED companies to choose from when upgrading your facility’s lighting, but none can match our technology, process, or ongoing support.

What Sets IEO Apart?

Founded in 2006, IEO took the approach to develop and provide the most advanced LED technology commercially available that represents the next evolution for the lighting industry. At over 180 lumens per watt, our OptieoLED lamps are more than 30% energy-efficient versus most conventional LEDs.

Combining our innovative technology with our ability to eliminate all middlemen in the lighting supply chain, IEO is able to deliver cost-effective lighting projects quickly and reliably.

As a manufacturer and installer, IEO is a single source for all things commercial lighting.

Gone are the days of being passed around from vendor to vendor while looking for a resolution to your problem. IEO handles everything in house, meaning that whether you have a warranty question or are inquiring about an ongoing project, we have the answer.

Our Tried and True Process

Undergoing a large lighting replacement project for your facility can seem like a daunting task, but no other lighting provider makes the process simpler than IEO.

  1. Technical survey – Determining the scope of a project and ensuring appropriate lighting for each space
  2. Existing lighting energy usage discovered – Utility bill auditing to determine where savings can be made
  3. Recommended lighting and energy consumption presented – Transparently setting expectations
  4. Savings in energy, carbon emissions, payback time period presented – typically greater than 70%
  5. Pre-payment for your project initiated OR zero upfront payment with LaaS or LFP options
  6. Products manufactured to spec, project implemented and completed – Custom designed solutions for your specific facility
  7. Final payment for your project completed OR zero capital payment with LaaS or LFP options

Our Story

Headquartered in Norcross, Georgia, IEO, a 2nd generation family-owned business, was founded by mechanical engineer and inventor Nadav Sivan, to provide efficient commercial lighting solutions that reduce businesses’ and organizations’ overall carbon footprint while saving money and improving their lighting. Run by military veterans, today, IEO is constantly innovating to improve both our technology and processes. As a result, businesses from coast to coast are enjoying cost savings, improved safety, and even greater productivity.

See What Our Clients Have to Say

“The lights look amazing! Service above and beyond! That is why we enjoy working with IEO and enjoy referring others to them.”
– Mark A. Lowell, Executive Director, St. George Village

Achieve Energy Efficiency

IEO equips businesses with the lighting technology they need to cut their utility bills and reduce their fixed costs.

IEO Service Features

Utility Bill Analysis

Aside from our technology, IEO sets itself apart as a one-stop shop for commercial LED lighting solutions. In other words, we’re a single vendor that seamlessly transitions from an analysis of your utility bill to final installation and beyond. In this way, we are able to develop a truly custom LED lighting solution for each of our clients that is designed to meet their specific LED lighting needs without exceeding budgetary restraints. If desired we partner with utility auditors to audit many areas of your business to look for savings. Let us know if you want more information.

IEO-Trained Installers

Because we manufacture OptieoLED lamps and fixtures we know our technology better than anyone. Most other LED lighting installers are electrical subcontractors that don’t specialize in LED lighting whilst IEO staff ensure proper installation every time. Each and every project is supervised by one of our experienced team-leads who knows our technology and is empowered to adapt the project to your needs on the ground. The team-lead communicates with you at all times so that you get a timely and efficient installation project that is frustration and surprise-free.

5-Year Materials Warranty = We guarantee 5 years of light

In many commercial industries, not just lighting, it’s common for vendors to offer warranties. The problem is that when you try to file a claim, vendors often pass customers around to different stages of the supply chain. As a manufacturer, installer, and manager for our LED lighting clients, we are able to fulfill warranty claims directly. Put bluntly, our 5-year materials warranty actually means something.

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Years in the Industry

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Of CO² Greenhouse Gas Emissions Saved

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