LED Lighting for Schools & Colleges

Educational institutions save on their high energy costs without having to invest any capital using our ZERO DOWN Plans.

Educational institutions have faced a trade-off for years: invest in lighting energy projects versus building upgrades, or other needs. IEO puts an end to that problem.

Why Lighting Is So Important in Schools

Avoid students dozing off or losing focus. Even if kids, teens, and young adults could maintain focus in dim lighting, the ability to read or take notes would be severely hampered.

IEO isn’t just a lighting installer. Our comprehensive process includes everything from lighting analysis, to getting the light levels exactly right, to installation and ongoing maintenance. One point of contact for everything you need in lighting, that’s service for you.

These benefits don’t need to come at the cost of extra energy expenses. IEO lamps have more than 30% greater efficiency than other LEDs, and more than 70% efficient than fluorescent and metal halide lights, meaning that schools are actually positioned to save while improving their lighting without having to spend a dime upfront.

Safety for your students and staff when they exit the building at night is of paramount importance. OptieoLED lighting from IEO solves that for you.

Add Some Room to Your Budget

In education, every dollar counts. A lighting solution from IEO frees up room in the budget for programs and events.

Perfect for Every Level

Educational institutions are more than just classrooms. They are pillars of our communities and, if lighting inside and outside of these spaces is not adequate, their impact can be diminished.

K-12 Schools

Kids and teens can’t be expected to work without the optimal environment, and lighting is a large part of that equation. However, IEO allows for a few other unexpected benefits.

Because our process eliminates middlemen and our technology is the most energy efficient on the market today, costs are inherently lower. This translates directly into more money for programs, extracurricular activities, and more.


Local colleges support more than just traditional students. Professionals may turn to colleges to meet continuing education requirements, and residents may rely on them for community-building local events.

What do all of these activities have in common? They all benefit from improved lighting. Plus, small colleges are often working with small budgets, so any way that costs can be optimized is something that should be considered.


Mercer University is just one example of a large institution that has completely renovated its over 150 buildings with OptieoLED, the superior lighting from IEO (classrooms, hallways, stairwells, lecture halls, street lighting, parking lighting, dorms, and many more…). Universities, in particular, can benefit from IEO’s ability to complete a comprehensive project, including indoor and outdoor lighting.

Safety is what it’s all about outside on the campus and OptieoLED lighting provides the solution.

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