LED Lighting for Parking Lots and Garages

Better cash flow, Better safety, Less theft, OptieoLED lighting from IEO provides that for you.

Facility managers for parking lots, garages, and everything in between enjoy reduced utility bills and brighter, safer, more comfortable outdoor environments.

Why Choose LED for Your Lot?

LED lighting has a number of benefits for all varieties of commercial and institutional facilities, but parking lots and garages present a few unique challenges. Parking garages in particular often demand that lights be on constantly, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Not only does this make it easy to rack up high lighting energy costs, but also puts a strain on lighting that isn’t designed to last.

Where in some facilities technicians constantly seem to be changing traditional bulbs, OptieoLED lamps and fixtures have a long lifespan that reduces maintenance costs.

OptieoLED is the revolutionary LED lighting technology developed, manufactured, and installed by IEO. Where conventional LED lamps consume about 45-55% less energy than traditional sources like fluorescent and HPS, OptieoLED consumes 70-90% less. OptieoLED represents the next evolution for the industry.


Particularly at night, but also during the day—especially in the case of sprawling parking garages—reliable, bright lighting is not just important, it’s essential. IEO doesn’t just come into your space and install a few fixtures. Instead, our process starts with an in-depth technical survey to determine exactly what is appropriate for each space. Nothing could be worse than finishing a project only to find that the lighting is inadequate. IEO takes away that fear.


Facilities that use OptieoLED can expect to save more than 70% more on their energy bill versus traditional lamps. Sitting at the pinnacle of the LED lighting industry, OptieoLED lamps generate over 180 lumens per watt, meaning you can have brighter, more welcoming spaces and use less energy.

Reduce your lighting bill by more than 70% and reduce the maintenance costs by more than 90%.

Experience OptieoLED

Parking facilities don’t need to be a burden on your utility bill.

Join the OptieoLED revolution.

Mercer University

The sprawling, 150-acre campus of Mercer University was subject to substantial energy expenditures. With an annual enrollment greater than 5,000 students, maximizing safety by keeping all areas bright was a high priority, and IEO allowed the university to save money in the process.


Energy savings versus traditional lighting.

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