Multi-Residential & Senior Living LED Lighting Solutions

Well lit areas within Multi-Residential Facilities and Senior Living facilities improve safety, reduce accidents and make life easier for residents.

Making your business work is all about growing margins / managing costs wherever possible. Even if you’ve already transitioned to LED, OptieoLED from IEO offers more than 30% greater savings than other LED lighting.

Why Make the Switch?

All business sectors stand to benefit from LED lighting, but what makes residential lighting especially important?

A person’s home is where they will spend a massive portion of their waking life. This is true for almost everyone, and is particularly relevant for seniors. Coming home from work to a dark, poorly-lit home is a recipe for diminished mental health and overall wellbeing. For seniors it means less accidents, and greater safety, which could lead to lower insurance premiums and special care expenses

Building owners can reduce theft and insecure environments, positively affecting the rate of rent and increasing the Net Operating Income, thus increasing the value of the property.

Energy Efficiency – OptieoLED lamps use between 70% and 90% less energy than traditional sources and produce better quality light in the process. Our technology is even better than conventional LED, which offers a maximum savings of about 50%. In other words, switching to OptieoLED offers instant month-to-month savings.

Comfort – Not every room can have large, beautiful windows, and even if they could no one can control the weather. OptieoLED ensures that no matter the conditions outside, each area will be comfortably lit.

Multi-Residential Facilities

One of the prime advantages of OptieoLED is its long lifespan. The fewer times you need to replace lamps throughout your facility the lower your maintenance expenses will be. Sure, most Multi-Residential facilities have different policies about lights in actual living spaces, but long-lasting lighting in common areas removes just one more thing from your mental plate.

Senior Living Centers

People who live in nursing homes and other senior living facilities can benefit significantly from OptieoLED. The immediate concern is for safety. More light means it’s easier for seniors to get around without risking a fall. Then there are common areas like dining and game rooms. Better lighting in these areas translates directly to an improved quality of life.

Create a More Welcoming Environment

From kids to seniors and everyone in between, everyone wants to live in a well-lit space.

Live a Brighter Life

What IEO provides is nothing short of better living conditions for residents of the facilities that install OptieoLED. Sure, lighting for workplaces and other facilities is important, but maximizing the quality of light in a living space hits, naturally, a little closer to home. Fill out the form below or reach out to learn how IEO can make a change for your residents and save you money in the process.

Over 70 %

energy savings versus other traditional sources.

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