Industrial LED Lighting Solutions

Higher productivity, better safety, lower accidents, great quality, as well as energy and maintenance savings are achievable with OptieoLED lighting from IEO.

The front-line benefits of OptieoLED include energy savings and improved aesthetics.

However, for industrial facilities, a quality industrial LED lighting system can have an impact on safety and even product quality.

OptieoLED and Manufacturing

When IEO was formed in 2006, the goal was nothing short of revolutionizing the lighting industry. Our OptieoLED technology represents one of the most significant advances in lighting technology since LEDs became commercially available.

While businesses in seemingly any industry stand to benefit from a lighting renovation project with IEO, it is particularly clear in manufacturing and industrial production. As some of the most energy-demanding facilities that exist,  anything that can be done to reduce energy use will be appreciated by both business-owners’ pocketbooks and the environment itself.

However, energy cost savings aren’t the only benefit.

Productivity – Manufacturing can gain 3%+ more productivity from better lighting. Making it easier to read, identify parts and components, quicker assembly, accelerating quality control for example, translates into clear production value for your organization.

Safety – Industrial facilities are inherently more dangerous than, say, a commercial office. It’s just their nature. Many of the reasons for this cannot be controlled, but this isn’t the case across the board. One of the key risk factors is improper lighting conditions. OptieoLED technology, combined with the lighting analysis that IEO can offer, helps ensure that light levels throughout your facility are ideal from a safety perspective.

Quality Assurance – If workers can’t see materials on a production line, they are bound to miss flaws and make mistakes that could have been avoided. Proper industrial light levels help reduce this risk, which will have substantial trickle-down effects both for your bottom line and for the satisfaction of the end user.

Glare – Ensuring the right type of light that shines on the parts and pieces you manufacture will greatly affect all parameters of good, quality production.

Heat/Humidity – Knowing what lighting to put where based on the environmental specifications of your facility are critical for the longevity of the lamp or fixture installed in order to reduce maintenance costs and down time.

Production Continuity – You can’t afford to have your production stopped because there is no light, we plan with you the methods to best ensure continuity of production, even if some lights might go out and maintenance can’t get to them right away.

Food production – Closed, washable lighting is critical to reduce the production line off time as much as possible.  

HVAC – OptieoLED lighting is cooler than conventional lighting, resulting in lower HVAC burden, which translates to lower energy costs and less maintenance on your HVAC systems.  

It’s hot – OptieoLED lighting is cool, avoid suffering from the heat metal halide lighting produces, improving the environment and employee satisfaction.  

Industrial Indoor LED Lighting

IEO makes improving the lighting inside your facility seamless. As manufacturer and installer, we eliminate needless steps on the supply chain that drive up costs unnecessarily and reduce the quality of the overall project.

Plus, with our ability to do entirely custom projects, including manufacturing lamps and fixtures to spec, the inside of your facility will be lit perfectly in accordance with your needs.

Industrial Outdoor LED Lighting

From wall mounts to pole lights, IEO has the capability to create adequate lighting outside of any facility or for an outdoor worksite. Industrial LED ighting is particularly important outside where natural light levels are constantly in flux.

We have the proven expertise required to determine adequate light levels for your outdoor space, whether it is just the parking lot outside the building or an open-air facility.

How Is the Lighting in Your Facility?

Energy savings, improved safety, and boosted productivity are all possible with a single solution from IEO.

Industrial LED Lighting Solutions
Coca Cola, MaxPak, WIKA, Alcon and many other manufacturers

Major players in industrial manufacturing have already turned to IEO based on the understanding that lighting quality has a direct impact on their bottom line. From direct energy savings to maintenance of high standards of product quality, OptieoLED presents a perfect solution.

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