Healthcare/Hospitality LED Lighting Solutions

More dollars to spend on your guests and patients instead of on your power bill. Less time wasted on replacing bulbs and ballasts.

Eco-friendly, energy-cost-saving, and more effective. IEO has developed the next generation of lighting technology. Perfect for the hospitality industry, hospitals, other healthcare facilities, OptieoLED is helping reduce costs while improving comfort and care.

Hospital LED Lighting

OptieoLED is not the same as other lighting technologies. It is more efficient and can be engineered to produce very specific lighting results. Because IEO manufactures, installs, and maintains OptieoLED systems, we are particularly suited to the healthcare industries.

In an industry where alertness is paramount, lighting that can be optimized to help workers get their job done is an ideal choice. The superior color rendering ability of LED lamps is important as well. Because initial inspections emphasize color and skin tone, lighting that can render these features accurately has a direct impact on treatment and, hopefully, recovery.

IEO offers custom LED lighting solutions, manufactured to spec, that allow hospitals to have precisely the lighting they require.

Aside from the direct medical benefits of superior lighting, better productivity of staff with better light, OptieoLED is also more than 30% efficient than traditional LED lamps and more than 70% efficient than fluorescent and metal halide lamps that were the best solution for hospitals in the past. With hallways, waiting rooms, offices, and more all lit 24 hours per day, the extra savings add up fast.

Patient rooms can be lit with subdued lighting during the night letting patients sleep better whilst giving the staff enough light to check up on the patient regularly.

Superior Lighting, Reduced Costs

Saving on energy costs doesn’t require a large effort, and IEO projects typical payback in as little as 12-24 months.

Hospitality LED Lighting

Hospitality is a broad category, encompassing lodging, dining, recreation, and more. IEO is uniquely positioned in the LED lighting industry to offer custom LED lighting solutions to meet the disparate needs of businesses in the hospitality industry.

OptieoLED lighting is uniquely well placed to reduce your costs for lighting used in your hallways, stairwells, and exit signs that are ON 24/7.

A custom solution from IEO means lamps and fixtures are manufactured to spec, leading to a few substantial benefits. In other words, IEO enables the perfect lighting for a given environment without complicating your project with multiple lighting suppliers.

Energy Efficiency

For facilities where lights are ON during all hours of the day and night, the energy savings OptieoLED can provide will have a direct, immediate impact on your bottom line. And because lighting needs are different in each area of your building, our ability to custom-manufacture lighting means you are only paying for what you need.

Increased Comfort

A busy lobby has different lighting needs versus an intimate restaurant. So much of the hospitality industry is based on creating a particular mood for guests, and IEO makes it possible.

We aren’t simply coming to our customers with a catalog of options. Instead, we take a consultative approach to determine the LED lighting solution that perfectly meets your needs and desires. In other words, we’re fine-tuning options for each client. If you have exacting standards for light levels in your dining room or anywhere else, turn to IEO.

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