Commercial/Warehouse LED Lighting

Commercial facilities of all types, from warehouses to offices, stand to save significantly on their energy bills. IEO can make it happen.

If you could get higher employee productivity, lower absenteeism, greater safety, and satisfaction, on top of energy savings, utility rebates, reduction in maintenance demands, and a greener world without expensive changes to your space or operations, would you take it?

Switching your facility’s lighting to OptieoLED from IEO is that solution.

LED Lighting for Retail

Customers aren’t going to buy what they can’t see, nor will they even enter a store where the parking lot or the interior are poorly lit. IEO offers a comprehensive commercial LED lighting solution for both the inside and outside of any commercial facility, one that is designed to improve lighting conditions while saving money on utility costs.

Improve Your Space

From commercial offices to customer-facing retail, IEO is helping businesses improve their facilities and cut energy costs.

Office LED Lighting Systems

Office lighting is one of the key factors that make a difference in worker productivity and efficiency. A poorly lit workspace can even have negative effects on worker morale. However, the answer isn’t as simple as installing a few bright LED lamps in your space and calling it a day.

Our team leads present during your installation to ensure that our promise of a well-lit space is kept the first time, are empowered to adapt the plan to your needs.

IEO has advanced photometric software available to conduct appropriate light planning at the outset of every project. There is nothing worse than discovering—after putting a large investment of time and money into a lighting renovation—that there are still dark spots in your office that workers can’t or won’t utilize.

LED Warehouse Lighting

Warehouses, where every ounce of productivity and efficiency is crucial to maintaining a successful business, can rely on IEO to provide reliable, superior lighting services.

Our process starts with a utility bill analysis and a lighting assessment. Once we’ve determined exactly where savings can be made and how your facility can be improved, we get to work on a turnkey process.

As manufacturer and installer, we’re able to cut out all middlemen and create a streamlined installation process. Plus, if you have any problems with lamps or fixtures, we offer a 5-year materials warranty.

More Than 30 %

greater energy-efficiency than conventional LED lamps.

What Our Clients Have to Say

“I work in a 1.6 million sq. ft. building that runs 24/7 and was very pleased with the work of IEO in changing out 100% of the building’s lights. There was little to no disruption to my business operation. IEO was a great company to work with and was able to meet the deadlines established. I would recommend their work to anyone in need of LED lighting.”
– Ty Gasaway, DHL Operations Manager

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