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Sustainable, efficient technology with best-in-class installation adapted to your needs

IEO has a reputation for providing the most efficient, cost-effective lighting solutions on the market across all business sectors.

A Wide Range of Applications

From Coca Cola to WIKA and from Mercer University, and the Bibb County School District to First Assembly of God Church in Georgia, IEO has delivered superior LED lighting solutions for businesses, institutions, and organizations across a wide range of industries.

Since 2006, IEO has been innovating in the lighting industry through the development of OptieoLED, the most advanced, most efficient LED lamp on the market today. However, it’s not just our technology that sets us apart. IEO is both a manufacturer and installer, meaning we can simplify the supply chain and reduce costs for projects of any size.

Warehouses, offices, manufacturing, schools, churches and everything in between can all benefit from OptieoLED.

Cut Energy Costs

Not only does OptieoLED technology reduce energy costs and produce better lighting, but IEO offers a streamlined process that includes installation, ongoing maintenance, and warranty support.

Lighting quality is important in every industry, but for spaces like senior living or parking garages, superior lighting can make a dramatic difference between safe and unsafe environments.

Multi-Family Residential / Senior Living

Commercial-residential facilities of all types have a few particular challenges that are unique to them. The first, and probably most obvious, is who changes the lights when they go out? Not only do our lamps last longer than our competitors’, but IEO offers lighting as a service. In other words, not only do we offer a turnkey lighting project management solution, but we handle ongoing lighting concerns. Have you ever failed to cash in on a warranty because you keep getting passed around while a single vendor won’t take responsibility? No more.

Parking Lot / Garage

Parking lots and garages need to be well lit. Period. IEO’s OptieoLED lamps and fixtures are the most efficient LED products on the market today. In other words, a parking lot lit by OptieoLED feels safe and comfortable to walk through late at night using less energy than any other. As far as costs go, there is no better solution available today. Producing more than 180 lumens per watt on lights that are on sometimes 24 hours a day, 365 days a year translates directly into a better bottom line.

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