Outdoor/Exterior LED Lighting Solutions

Saving energy costs while improving the light in your outdoor spaces is possible with OptieoLED from IEO.

Commercial LED outdoor lighting from IEO makes the difference between having a safe, welcoming location and a dingy space people want to avoid.

OptieoLED lighting technology from IEO represents the next jump in efficiency and lighting quality.

LED Exterior Wall Lights—What Is OptieoLED?

IEO was founded in 2006 to revolutionize the lighting industry, and the result is OptieoLED. For exterior spaces, this technology is helping businesses save money and achieve superior lighting.

Efficiency – The financial benefits of switching to OptieoLED are clear. With more than 30% greater electricity savings than traditional LED lamps and an average payback in 12-24 months, using another provider besides IEO is like throwing money away.

Safety – When outdoor spaces like building entrances and parking lots are well lit, rates of injury and crime are known to drop. Plus, there is the psychological benefit of employees and visitors feeling comfortable when walking to and from their vehicles. 

Reliability – Not only are OptieoLED lamps and fixtures generally more reliable than traditional lamps, but IEO’s services—from original installation to ongoing service—ensure that your spaces are always well lit. All installations are carried out by teams specially trained on OptieoLED, and our Lighting as a Service plan makes it so you don’t even need to think about your lights.

Outdoor Lighting. Perfected.

OptieoLED lamps are perfect for businesses looking to reduce utility bills while improving their outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Lighting Options

IEO offers a complete suite of versatile lighting options fit for any outdoor space.

LED Parking Lot Lights

A functioning parking lot or garage depends on sufficient lighting, otherwise they are essentially wasted space. Walking to your vehicle in the dark, or parking there in the first place when you can’t see if you are safe, is a task few people want to take on. For retail spaces, this fact alone can force someone to drive by to your competitor.

LED Flood Lights

Either for emergencies or to simply brighten the areas around your building, OptieoLED flood lights convert night into day. When a flood light is required, nothing else will work, and IEO has the design experience to place flood lights where they are most needed.

LED Wall Mounts

OptieoLED wall mounts are perfect for spaces alongside buildings where there may not be pole lights. In other words, there is no reason every space outside of a commercial facility can’t be brightly lit, welcoming, and safe.

Brackets and Poles

Parking lots, parks, and public spaces rely on pole lights in open areas where wall mounts and other surfaces aren’t available. Many open spaces, as many of us know, look as if they are barely even being lit. With OptieoLED, however, this is a problem of the past.

Custom Solutions

Whether your outdoor space is a large parking garage or a sprawling retail development, IEO offers custom lighting solutions for your particular needs. As the manufacturer of OptieoLED, we are able to build to spec, meaning that any unique concerns you have about your facility can be addressed. No other lighting provider in the industry has this degree of flexibility.


Greater Energy Savings Than Traditional LED


Energy Savings From Fluorescent or Metal Halide Lighting

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