IEO is putting them in reach for all businesses.

A ZERO DOWN Lighting as a Service or LFP, from IEO represent cash-flow positive models for lighting projects that take all of the frustration of managing and maintaining your system away.

Is a ZERO DOWN plan right for you?

Do you have the capital to invest in a lighting project?

If yes, then that is your best payback option. Do not choose ZERO DOWN plans.

Do you have other capital projects you would prefer to spend your money on prior to a lighting project? If yes, choose one of our ZERO DOWN plans.

Do you not have the capital or budget to pay for a lighting project but you want the benefits that come with it? If yes, choose one of our ZERO DOWN plans

ZERO DOWN plans offers a more budget balanced and friendly approach that eliminates the high initial investment and creates a predictable monthly expense.

Key Benefits

There are three clear benefits to a ZERO DOWN LaaS plan from IEO. By no means exhaustive, these are a few of the high-level advantages that organizations realize immediately.

  1. No Capital Investment – With no upfront costs, our plans lets businesses harness the energy-saving opportunities of OptieoLED to partially offset monthly payments for your system and maintenance. Use your capital for other purposes instead of on the lighting project.
  2. LaaS Full Service and Maintenance Plan – For the entire term of the plan, our technicians will perform any necessary maintenance and repair. In other words, we eliminate the future maintenance costs of a conventional plan. Aerial lifts are not included in this plan. Let your maintenance folk focus on keeping your business running instead of on the lighting.
  3. Keep Your Rebates – Utility providers offer cash rebates for installing energy-efficient systems. You keep 100% of any rebate your utility provider offers.

No Risk

The ZERO DOWN plans eliminate risks normally associated with large capital investments. However, this doesn’t mean you have to forgo the benefits of things like write-offs. With the LaaS plan, 100% of your service payment can be deducted as an expense against your revenue every single month for the life of your plan. With the LFP, 100% of the value of the project can be deducted in your first year!

With our LaaS plan we also eliminate the risk of ongoing costs sneaking up on you. Maintenance and service are included in our plan. Said another way, you’ll find no misleading sales tactics here. Before you sign on with IEO, we’ll make sure the plan is clear. Plus, if the total cost of your project is less than $150,000, no personal or corporate credit checks are required.

LFP – Lighting Finance Plan

Our ZERO DOWN LFP (Lighting Finance Plan) that will pay for the project exactly like LaaS except that it does not include maintenance. The monthly cost is even lower than LaaS plan, and 100% of the project’s value can be depreciated in year one without you having paid for the capital investment up front.

Lower Your Energy Costs

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of LED.
IEO is putting them in reach for all businesses.

Who Can Take Advantage of our ZERO DOWN plans?

There isn’t an industry or facility of any kind that wouldn’t benefit from one of our ZERO DOWN plans from IEO. OptieoLED offers more than 30% greater electricity savings than you would find with a typical LED system, more than 70% energy savings than fluorescent and metal halide lights. Facilities that have made the transition to LED several years ago would also stand to benefit from our OptieoLED solution to save even more!

Commercial, industrial, and even public and municipal organizations can take advantage of OptieoLED. Contact us today to learn how a custom solution can be created for your facility through a ZERO DOWN plan from IEO.

Stat: 100% of your capital investment is ZERO.


of your service payment can be deducted as an expense against your revenue monthly.

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