Superior Indoor/Interior LED Lighting Solutions

Reduce energy expenses and boost productivity.

OptieoLED technology is the next evolution of LED lighting technology, offering more than 30% energy savings over traditional LED lamps and more than 70% energy savings over fluorescent and metal halide lamps.

In addition, IEO is a single source for each part of your lighting project, cutting out all middlemen and simplifying the process.

Why Choose IEO for Indoor LED Lights?

Commercial offices, manufacturers, warehouses, and facilities of all types stand to benefit from substantial savings and superior working environments that IEO can produce.

For now, let’s focus on the technology itself.

First, it’s important to acknowledge what a tremendous impact traditional LED has had on energy use in the United States. If facilities in the United States switched to LED over conventional sources like fluorescent or HPS, there could be an annual savings of 27.8 billion dollars.

Impressive, but switching to OptieoLED from IEO would generate $38.9 billion in savings annually. In other words, we’ve revolutionized the lighting industry.

Because of the substantial savings involved in replacing lighting systems with OptieoLED lighting, the average payback only takes 12-24 months.

Reduced utility bills aren’t the only savings to be had either.

Under proper lighting conditions, employees in office environments and factory lines alike are proven to be more productive.

Better light has the added benefit of increased safety.

Create a Better Working Environment

OptieoLED by IEO is allowing businesses to save money through their utility bills, less maintenance and increased worker productivity.

Our Turnkey Process

IEO cuts out all middlemen that could be expected from a traditional lighting project.

Between installers, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, and others, the supply chain that makes a traditional LED renovation project work adds substantial costs that are passed on to you, the customer.

As a manufacturer and installer, IEO collapses the supply chain to handle every step of your project through a single vendor.

From the initial site and utility bill analysis through installation and ongoing maintenance, IEO acts as a singular resource.

Onsite and utility bill auditing and analysis is the first step in the process, allowing IEO to identify opportunities for savings.

In addition to full-service project management, IEO goes a step further.

Our Lighting as a Service agreement ensures that concerns about your lighting are a thing of the past.

Need ongoing maintenance or a fixture replacement? We’ll take the concern off of your plate.

Our Indoor Lighting Options

LED Recessed Lighting

Fixtures built into your ceiling to create a more subtle aesthetic while providing superior OptieoLED lighting.

  • Panel Lights
  • Downlights

Surface Mounted Lights

Fixtures designed to meet your needs from an aesthetic perspective as well as your lighting requirements that mount onto walls or ceilings.

  • Panel Lights
  • Breezeway Lights
  • Strip Fixtures
  • IP65 Linear Fixtures
  • Custom Fixtures


Ensuring a safe, well-lit stairwell while still saving more than 70% of energy.

  • Sensor LED Tube Retrofit
  • LED Tube Retrofit
  • Strip Fixtures
  • IP65 Linear Fixtures
  • Custom Fixtures

Parking Garage

OptieoLED lamps are the perfect way to create safer, more welcoming outdoor environments .

  • IP65 Linear Fixture
  • LED Tube Retrofit

For More Information In A Specific Lighting Option Contact Us Today

LED Emergency Lights

Ensure exit pathways are sufficiently lit and direct well everyone to ensure safe passage out of the building

  • Edge-Lit Exit Sign
  • Combo Exit and Emergency Lights
  • Emergency Lights with Battery Backup

Industrial / Manufacturing

Quality lighting has repercussions for productivity, product quality assurance and industrial safety.

  • Linear High Bay
  • UFO
  • LED Tube Retrofit

Up To 20 Feet High

Writing underneath: Lighting designed to spec to create comfortable and efficient environments for spaces with higher commercial ceilings.

  • Linear Low Bay
  • IP65 Linear Fixtures
  • LED Tube Retrofit

Above 20 Feet High

High ceilings come with particular lighting challenges to allow workers to read, see assemble, quality control and move product with more efficiency, productivity, and safety.

  • Linear High Bay
  • LED Tube Retrofit
  • UFO

Five Years of Guaranteed Light ON

As the manufacturer and installer, we eliminate the frustration of dealing with multiple vendors who may refuse to honor your “warranty”. Instead, IEO promises that if one of your lamps burns out, if a fixture fails, or you have any other equipment issues within five years of manufacturing the light, we will honor a replacement in exchange for your defective lamp or fixture.

Superior Indoor Lighting

IEO does the work while you save.

EASY for you, an honor for us to serve you.

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