Custom LED Lighting Solutions

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Commercial LED Lighting Solutions

Everyone knows the familiar light switch. Commercial lighting control systems have come a long way. Automated tools allow lighting to remain adapted to the environment throughout the day, even in sunlit rooms, creating a consistent environment. Other tools, like occupancy sensors, eliminate the question; “Did I turn the lights off when I left?” Our offices have no light switches in them at all.

Outfitting your facility with OptieoLED lighting offers a typical payback within 12-24 months.

When we come to your facility and begin the process of designing your custom LED solution we will assess the opportunity for increased savings through controls.

Other manufacturers and installers will make wild claims about their control systems. Providing lower lumens per watt light so that you can save more with lighting controls is not the IEO way. Adding controls can be very expensive and the incremental payback just not worth it.

At IEO, we’re simply committed to finding the right solution that actually saves you money, and provides you with the desired outcomes you are looking for, not offering you just what sounds good.

Occupancy Sensors

If there is no one working in a particular area lighting that area couldn’t be more pointless. Occupancy sensors enable facilities to automatically control where light is being produced based on who is actually using the space. Gone are the days of lighting empty rooms, unused warehouse spaces, empty hallways and stairwells.

Occupancy sensors are generally more convenient than manual controls. If someone enters a dark, unfamiliar area there is no need to go and search for the light switch. Everything happens automatically.

Daylight Dimmers

In sunlit rooms, particularly where workers are sitting near windows, there is no reason to have a light on when there is enough light coming in through the window. The changing light throughout the day and through the seasons can make this difficult to manage.

On the other hand, not having enough consistent light can take its toll on employee well being and productivity.

Daylight dimmers automatically adjust light levels in a specific area to produce a consistent effect as the morning transitions to evening. If you’re looking to produce a consistently comfortable working environment independent of day light, daylight sensors can make that happen.

Motion Sensors

Reduce the light level in your parking lot, hallway or stairway to 30% of the light so that there is enough light to see by and maintain a secure environment. When a car or person moves into the area the light increases to 100% efficiency giving you the full benefit of the light and saving additional energy.


When there is enough ambient light you don’t need your LED lighting ON. Parking lights often remain ON based on timers during times when there is sufficient light and they should not be ON.

Astrological Clock

Reduce the times when the pole lights are ON during a grey day when there is enough light and they should not be ON by controlling the lighting based on the true GPS location dusk to dawn setting for your area. Ensure that light is ON only when it is truly dark.

Integrated Controls

3rd party control systems can be installed in any of our fixtures to be able to easily integrate with existing control systems.

Lighting Designed for You.

Your business is unique and needs a unique solution. IEO manufactures to spec to meet your needs based on our analysis and discussion of your needs.

Lighting Built to Spec

Each facility is different, lighting preferences are unique, and style also plays a role in choosing your lighting. Why should you be stuck with a generic solution? IEO has the capability to manufacture to spec, meaning that you can get exactly what you want without compromise.

A few of our customization options include:

  • Intensity
  • Look
  • Special Purpose
  • Glare
  • Color

Because most lighting providers are only one step in the supply chain—manufacturer, supplier, installer—they are unable to provide much more than the same selection of products that every client sees. Most LED lighting manufacturers sell through distributors or wholesalers. Distributors buy from manufacturers or wholesalers. Most LED providers use sub-contractors for Installation. Even if you are working with a manufacturer (rare), getting custom-designed lamps and fixtures is usually not possible, and for sure not as quickly as we are able to adapt to your needs.

When the light goes out, who do you call? Who is responsible to provide you with a free replacement?

IEO changes all of that. We may be a one-stop shop for all of your commercial lighting needs, but one-size-fits-all isn’t in our vocabulary. Fill out the form below to learn more.

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