Cutting-Edge LED Lighting Solutions

More than 30% greater energy savings over conventional LED lamps and fixtures

LED lighting is all the rage right now, but not all lamps are created equal.

IEO is pioneering the next generation of lighting.

What Makes IEO the Premier Commercial LED Lighting Company?

When it comes to LED lighting solutions, no provider can match the efficiency and reliability of our OptieoLED technology.

Over the course of the last century, lighting technology has experienced steady innovation and evolution.

From the first incandescent bulb in the late 19th century to LED—efficiency, brightness, and lifespan have seen dramatic improvements.

However, what many don’t realize is that the industry has, for a number of years now, stagnated.

That ends now! OptieoLED represents the next evolution in lighting technology—boasting over 180 lumens per watt, more than 30% greater efficiency than conventional LED lamps.

Our technology is superior to all other commercial LED lighting on the market today, and our array of services ensures you will never need to turn to another provider. As a manufacturer and installer, we cut all of the middlemen out of the process to provide custom LED solutions with streamlined efficiency.

IEO makes lighting projects easy and cost effective.

With an average payback in as little as one to two years, no other solution compares.

Indoor Commercial / Industrial Lighting

Save energy, increase productivity, improve safety, reduce maintenance, enjoy the new work environment

Outdoor Lighting

Safer, energy-saving, well-lit outside parking lots, garages, and other outdoor spaces

Empty office space with commercial led lighting

Control Systems and Custom Lighting

Occupancy Sensors, Dimming, Daylight Sensors, as well as Custom Solutions developed for you


ZERO upfront cost solution to implement OptieoLED lighting with all of its benefits

Get the OptieoLED Lighting Advantage

Improve your space and drive down energy costs when optimizing your lighting with IEO.

Benefits of Choosing IEO

IEO is a one-stop shop for all things commercial and industrial lighting. Sure, others claim to make lighting projects easy, but IEO is structured from the ground up to accomplish that goal.

A traditional project looks like this: a facility manager wants to improve the energy usage in their facility, so they turn to a lighting provider. That company (who may or may not be subcontracting installation services) needs to get their lights from a supplier. That supplier is typically not the manufacturer, and so another step is added to the supply chain.

This is the antiquated way of doing things. IEO is the manufacturer and the installer, meaning we eliminate all unnecessary steps in the supply chain so that your project is completed quickly and efficiently. Plus, since our installers are specially trained on our OptieoLED technology, quality installation is virtually guaranteed.

This minimizes warranty complications and ensures your lighting fixtures are installed correctly the first time.

Utility Bill Analysis

Discovering exactly where savings can be made

Materials Warranty

5-year warranty direct from the manufacturer: us

No Middlemen

Simplifying the supply chain to reduce project costs

One Point of Contact

No more arguing on the phone to find which vendor to talk to

Let’s Talk (404) 474-2077