At IEO, our benchmark for success is our customer’s complete and total satisfaction. Our focus has always been — and will continue to be — our unique ability to provide clients with affordable, sustainable, and sensible lighting solutions that work. Led by technicians and business professionals who are driven to elevate the application of commercial LED lighting, our team promises product and service excellence without compromise.

Our leaders

Yariv Sivan

President and CEO

A strategic marketing and sales expert, Yariv possesses a passion for innovative solutions to clients’ problems. His innovative approach to business has successfully implemented turnkey solutions to customers in several industries including medical devices, software solutions, and the lighting industry.

Nadav Sivan

Founder, Retired

A mechanical engineer and inventor since 1980, Nadav possesses a passion for engineering and design. His inventions include innovations in crane systems, X-ray equipment, energy conservation and, of course, lighting systems.

Pedro Smith

Director of Operations

With many years in the lighting industry, especially the field of LED, he has been a key solution provider to our clients across the nation. Combining photometric studies, CAD planning, project management, inventory management, product development, and exemplary customer service, Pedro takes IEO to the next level.

Headquartered in Norcross, Georgia, IEO continues to develop new and innovative strategies meant to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of commercial organizations on a global scale. Find out more about our unique approach by contacting our team now.