‘Dementia room’ features dynamic white LED lights

LED lighting has shown in studies to help improve mood and brain function in people of all ages, but particularly so for the elderly. A care home for the elderly in Denmark has installed white LED lighting to help provide calming and stimulating light for the residents there who suffer from Dementia.

At the Fynsgade Nursing Home in Grindsted, Denmark, an automatic control system tunes the white LED lighting to vary the colour temperature of the light throughout the day.

It varies the scenarios from warm (2700K) to cold light (6500K) following the rhythm of the day for both the temperature of the colour and the intensity of light.

The staff have the option of absolute control on the light in the evening and at night, should something urgent or emergency occur.

The sophisticated lighting system is also installed in the corridors, living rooms and common areas.

The concept is to provide ‘calming and stimulating’ light help both the staff and residents to have a better everyday life.

Kathrin Terkelsen, manager of the Fynsgade Nursing Home, told Lux the specification of the lighting followed research into the effects of light.

‘We have studied many articles on light and AV systems to help dementia patients’.

She says the dementia room works even better than she expected.

As well as assisting patients living with dementia, Terkelsen says that the addition of calming and health-promoting lighting can also counter anxiety and Seasonal Affective Disorder by mimicking light simulations which normally only occur outside in the sunlight.

It’s also reported that the dynamic lighting can calm very aggressive and agitated people with dementia, and possibly reduce the cost of medicine and allow the staff to spend more time with other patients.

It’s amazing to think that LED lighting solutions in nursing homes may actually improve the quality of life and the health of the residents staying there. If you own a nursing home or elderly care facility and would like to learn more about LED lighting solutions for your facility, visit Intelligent Energy Optimizers!

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