Why You Should Consider Outdoor LED Lighting

Bright outdoor lighting around commercial spaces and parking lots helps make guests feel safer when it's dark out. Most of us have been in a dimly lit parking lot at night at least once in our lives - it just feels dingy and unsafe. Outdoor LED lighting offers a brighter, safer, and more cost-effective solution.

Why Choose IEO for Indoor LED Lights?

Reduce energy costs and help boost employee productivity by installing in door LED lighting in your commercial building. If you’re looking to learn more on what sets Intelligent Energy Optimizers apart from our competition, we’ve broken it down for you in this article.

Is a ZERO DOWN plan right for you?

If you're looking into installing LED lighting in your business or organization, you're probably wondering what the best option is for financing the lighting installation. One of the options we offer at Intelligent Energy Optimizers, LLC is a Zero Down plan. Not sure if a Zero Down plan is the best fit for your business? Here's a breakdown.

‘Dementia room’ features dynamic white LED lights

LED lighting has shown in studies to help improve mood and brain function in people of all ages, but particularly so for the elderly. A care home for the elderly in Denmark has installed white LED lighting to help provide calming and stimulating light for the residents there who suffer from Dementia.