Better Lighting Equals Brighter Business for Today’s Convenience Stores and Filling Stations

Great-looking, energy efficient and increasingly cost-effective, LED lighting is quickly becoming the industry standard in retail, including c-stores and filling stations. Some big brands have converted their entire chains to LED lighting in recent years.

How to Plan for Equitable Energy Efficiency in a Pandemic

Energy efficiency policy may seem far removed from the immediate need to support COVID-19 pandemic frontline workers and lift up people struggling to pay their bills in this devastating health and economic crisis.

5 Reasons Why Commercial Facilities Should Consider Switching to LED Lighting

Energy and lighting costs usually amount to a major portion of maintenance expenses in commercial facilities. Opting for modern lighting solutions such as LEDs, at such a juncture, can help bring down the costs and result in significant savings.

Benefits of LED Lighting For Healthcare/Hospitality Buildings

Put your money where it really matters – toward helping your patients and guests, instead of throwing money at your electric costs. Our team has developed the next wave of intelligent lighting technology. Continue reading for some of the benefits!