Do you find yourself squinting to focus on a task at work? Is the flickering light above your desk distracting you? Adequate lighting in the workplace is important for productivity as well as safety, but choosing the right type of lighting can also improve energy costs and helps your business save money. At IEO, we offer commercial LED lighting that improves the productivity of your staff as well as lowers the cost of your energy bills for a sooner return on investment. Contact us to learn more.

Seeing Is Achieving

Regardless of an industrial or office setting, a workplace functions better when proper lighting is installed. Of the information that people receive, 85 percent is gained through their sense of sight. If the lighting in a workplace isn’t adequate, casts shadows, or causes glares, employees are more likely to experience eye fatigue and headaches. When a workplace is properly lit, then employees are better able to focus on their work.

The same can be said for safety. If a workplace has poor lighting, employees are less likely to notice moving machinery, other people, and objects that they could trip over or run into. When an office space or work zone is well-lit, it decreases the likelihood of an accident.

Energy-Saving Illumination

The quality of light doesn’t stop at how well it illuminates the workplace. A proper lighting solution is also energy-efficient and good for the environment. A sustainable resource is one that can be maintained without risk of depleting natural resources or throwing off ecological balance.

IEO has made advancements to LED lighting, creating systems that have more lumens per watt, meaning you get more light while using less wattage. Since the bulbs use lower watts, they’ll also last longer and have a five-year warranty as a guarantee of their longevity. This technology makes the LED lighting system incredibly efficient and sustainable. For a more “green” workplace and better-lit facility, contact IEO for a consultation to have LED lighting installed.

Cost-Effective Light

When you switch to an LED lighting system like the one IEO has developed, not only will your workplace be brighter for longer, but by using less wattage you’ll also save on energy costs. Companies who have switched to IEO’s LED lighting system reported saving up to 95 percent on their monthly utility bills. Since LED bulbs from IEO last longer, you’ll also save money on maintenance and keeping more materials out of landfills.

When it comes to having a lighting system installed in your business’s workplace, it’s important to consider the quality of lighting you use. Employees work better in well-lit areas because they are at less risk for eye-strain, headaches, and eye diseases. They’ll also be able to absorb information and complete tasks more efficiently. An environment with better lighting is also safer, allowing employees to identify, avoid, or eliminate work hazards. With good lighting like LED lighting from IEO, you’ll also save energy and money by using the latest in lighting technology without sacrificing light quality. If you’re ready to make the switch, contact IEO today.