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LED lighting direct from the manufacturer to you, installed

We manufacture OptieoLED lighting – buy direct from the manufacturer
We Install OptieoLED lighting – no subcontractors
We guarantee 5 years of light that is more efficient than other LED lighting

Welcome To IEO

With more than a decade in the industry, Intelligent Energy Optimizers (IEO) has revolutionized the world of commercial lighting. Our OptieoLED lighting system is to LED what the smartphone was for older, traditional technologies, like the flip phone. Our solution is more efficient and, since we cut out all middlemen, no other provider can be as cost-effective.

Helping Companies Cut Costs During the Covid-19-Inspired Slowdown

President and CEO of Intelligent Energy Optimizers LLC, Yariv Sivan, sits down with Jason Moss, CEO of the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance, to share perspectives on best practices to mitigate the impact of the Coronavirus on business. In the podcast, Yariv discusses the impact of lighting on the energy bill and productivity, and makes the case for why it makes sense to invest in led lighting as a cost-reduction project.

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What Is OptieoLED?

OptieoLED is the next evolution in commercial lighting technology. Our solution offers greater than 30% more energy savings versus other LED lamps. The most efficient solution on the market today, OptieoLED produces an astonishing 180+ lumens per watt.

Installing OptieoLED comes with an average payback timeline of only 18 months or less.

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