‘Dementia room’ features dynamic white LED lights

LED lighting has shown in studies to help improve mood and brain function in people of all ages, but particularly so for the elderly. A care home for the elderly in Denmark has installed white LED lighting to help provide calming and stimulating light for the residents there who suffer from Dementia.

LED Scale-up

In the global race to transform how we light our world and find more energy-efficient solutions, LED lighting options are at the front of the line to help reduce carbon emissions. Not only has there been a spike in businesses upgrading to energy-efficient LED lighting options, but there has also been a push to upgrade to LED street lighting in large cities across the globe.

5 Reasons Why LED Lights are Saving the Earth

Whether you're at work or at home, at a store or walking down the street at night, lighting plays a huge role in our everyday lives. With an element of life that is so important for daily functions, we are no doubt looking to make it as energy efficient and eco-friendly as possible. Enter LED lighting! Take a look at these five reasons why LED lights are saving the Earth.